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How the Active Bunion Procedure works

The latest evolution in bunion correction:
how the Active Bunion works

Active Bunion improves on traditional and other, newer bunion removal options by:

  • Allowing correct alignment of your joint in multiple dimensions
  • Avoiding restrictive scarring around the joint space
  • Not fusing the joint at the midfoot

Keep your freedom of movement with a multi-dimensional bunion correction

One with a blue circle.
Active Bunion surgery is intended to allow your surgeon to correct the bunion in multiple dimensions, restoring your normal anatomy. The surgeon begins by repositioning the metatarsal (bone leading to the big toe), to the left or right. This allows the foot to tilt inward and outward.
Two with a blue circle.
Next, the bone is shifted and rotated toward the middle of the body. This allows the bones of the foot to move toward or away from the usual straight position.
Three with a blue circle.
Then, the bone is moved and positioned up or down, as need to correct alignment. This allows the foot to move freely toward or away from the body.
Four with a blue circle.
With the first metatarsal re-positioned to its natural anatomy, the surgeon secures it into place with the CoLink Vallux® surgical plate. Combined, these simple corrections remove the bunion, relieve pain, and help your foot move as naturally as possible again, after healing.
Foot keep movement diagram.Active Bunion multi-dimensional correction process

The Active Bunion procedure corrects the bunion and is intended to allow your surgeon to return the joint bones to their original alignment, reducing the chance that this surgery will have any long-term effect on natural movement*.

A multi-dimensional correction, this surgery maintains all planes of natural foot movement: up and down, left to right, and tilting inward and outward.

While each person’s case is unique, the Active Bunion procedure can help you achieve maximum range of motion, flexibility, and daily function.

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*Results may vary due to individual factors and your surgeon’s recommendations.
Blue watercolor women.
Six women lined up holding a bar and lifting their legs slightly above the ground

I don’t want a permanent joint fusion in my foot, and I want the smallest possible scar.”

~ Bunion surgery candidate

Why Choose
Active Bunion?

For a quick overview of all the advantages of this bunion surgery, download our brochure for patients:

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